Welcome to the Carl Von Linne Elementary School Middle School Science Department website. The purpose of this website is two-fold. It was created to inform you of the many things we are doing in science and to provide you with useful resources that may enhance the educational experiences of our wonderful students.

My Mission

  Since literacy proficiency is the main focus of Carl Von Linné School, my mission is to provide an interesting and engaging science curriculum that will help the students by incorporating reading in the content area of science. While using the Prentice Hall Science Explorers Modular textbook series, Glencoe Life Science text book, Introduction to Physical Science, trade books, text sets, Academic Vocabulary Builders and Science World magazines, I will incorporate various reading enriched strategies throughout my lessons.  Students will also have the opportunity to investigate through some hands-on laboratory activities. Along with the hands-on approach in science, students will explore science through an inquiry-based curriculum.  This approach will promote critical thinking and motivate students to explore the world around them, utilizing the scientific method while observing ethical practices. The curriculum will also provide opportunities for students to participate in science-oriented field trips that will help stimulate their curiosity in the world around them. I have taken and will continue to take several classes to visit Columbia College for a “Day of Science” in a lab. This hands-on lab is always facilitated by several of the Columbia College faculty and staff. In keeping with laboratory safety, students will learn how to properly use and operate science materials, instruments and equipment. Students will also receive math in the content area of science by applying formulas and equations to scientific problems. Students will also be expected to create various types of graphs.  
   Carl Von Linné serves students who have different intellectual abilities, those who are special needs, regular education, and gifted. My philosophy is that every child can learn. My mission is to provide a curriculum that will meet the needs of every student. Therefore, throughout the year, students will be given an opportunity to learn science concepts through activities that will incorporate the multiple intelligences. Students will be periodically assessed throughout the school year to ascertain what they have learned and if necessary to determine the supplemental means that must be taken to help students achieve mastery of the material.
   During the school year, the science curriculum will provide lessons and research projects in which technology and media such as the computer, Internet, overhead projector, TV monitor and VCR will be used to enhance students’ ability to master the science concepts. The “Sciencesaurus”, science dictionaries and technology are some of the resources students will be encouraged to use while completing research projects.
   Overall the goal of the science curriculum is to render to society well-rounded students who are proficient readers, critical thinkers who can solve problems, persistent inquirers who utilize technology and media fluently and adhere to ethical standards whether in school or in the workplace. 

Katheryne M. Chambers
Revised 9/7/11
We know the difference between a lunar and solar eclipse.
We are trying to understand the process of radioactive dating.
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